Surnia Campaign

The Surnia campaign is a generic DnD campaign. The party will fight all kinds of monsters on the material plan on the Continent of Surnia. They will get to choose their own destinies as they quest around the world doing good, or evil.

The Idea

The biggest thing about this campaign in my experience as a dungeon master is letting the players have almost as much control over the world as I do. They are allowed to make their own towns, NPCs and even items. The catch is, I have control on how those things actually work in the game, they just make the idea of an item or NPC and give some basic information about them. Than I take control and warp it in my own twisted dungeon master way!

Please feel free to view this campaign as it grows and enjoy it. Also feel free to leave comments on it and advice or cool ideas!



Added Three new NPCs


Surnia Campaign

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