Pokke Town type Village Population 892 Authority Title Mayor Full Time Guards 35 Conscripts 107

Town Location: Located closer to the boarder of Bern and Slyvin, it is lower in the mountains but not quite out of them. Pokke over views a temperate forest to the south east and has mountains in all other cardinal directions. A large River runs by the forest which leads directly towards Stund.

Town Description: An effective town very well planned out. It is laid out in a grid pattern allowing for an effective flow of traffic. It was originally a mining town due to a large play load of valuable metals found in the mountain. While still in use the mines do not produce as much as they used too. As the town expanded the city and its planners used the grid pattern set in place and it worked. There are five quarters in the city: The trade good center, the industrial center, the common areas, the noble’s district and the town office area.

General People Description: The citizens of this town are hard workers and it shows. They wear neat, but well used wool-like shirts and leather pants. Often they will wear symbols of their trade as well, blacksmiths with heavy aprons and their tools or farmers with their overhauls and straw brimmed hats. People who sever a particular noble family will often wear a badge with the family’s symbol and colors on it. The nobles tend to be more elaborate, wearing flashy overcoats and eccentric head dresses. There are five noble families in Pokke: the Von Conts, the Cassirens, the Summes de Larvess, The Ricksavs, and the McCraigest. Each have their own distinctive family symbols and colors.

Notable Locations: The Pokke Mine Forge Von Conts Temple of Moradin Temple of Pelor Bell Tower de Larvess

History: The establishment of Pokke is still a topic of hot debate, even after several hundred years. It is know that the five noble families were the first, but none of sure who is truly the first. None can agree on who was truly the first and it is a fierce debate often left unspoken or else hours of arguing with no clear winner will occur. Pokke has been supplying the Region of Bern with high quality metals for as long as any history book can remember.


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