Lynsli is closely tied to Sylvin, the Great Marsh on the opposing side of the Swan River. The ancient forest of Lynsli is deep and verdant and home to a menagerie of fey creatures. In the deepest areas of the forest mana springs bubble from the ground. The treetops of Lynsli are home to elves, eladrin, and devas who make their homes and cities in the ancient trees known as ‘The Sleepers’. On the forest floor, gnomes and wilder fey dwell, hiding amongst the roots and the undergrowth.

While the only city of note in Lynsli is Celerad, the city in the treetops, other cities have been known to make worldfall in this region and when they do, they bring with them a multitude of trading caravans and outlandish goods and folk.

Locations of Note

Swan River, Celerad

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