Loft was once a united kingdom. Now it is quite literally divided. Massive planar bleed hundreds of years ago caused several parts of Loft to split apart. Some took to the sea and others took too the sky.

After the dissolution of Loft, it was a long time before the region was stable enough for humans to inhabit. Only in the past hundred years or so has Loft begun to be re-settled, but the re-settling and exploration of the region have changed the dynamics of Surnian life drastically. Loft’s mines are the primary source of lift stones and so Loft is home to the two largest aerport cities, Lyrica and Valspar. The two cities are highly competitive and have regular skirmishes for control of resources, land, and freshly uncovered ruins.

But there is a third faction vying for control of Loft. During the years of flux after the planar bleed, it seems the region was still inhabited by the genasi. The Shyan’tar’eth genasi of the elemental chaos maintain outposts in Loft and occasionally their cities make worldfall.

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