Altopia is a hamlet with a population of around 365. The head authority figure is the Head Council Member. There are three full time guards, including the Captain of the Guard. There are around 19 conscripts who can be fully armored and receive regular training.

Town Location:

The town is located in the mountains toward the center of the continent. They are in the middle of a trade route between two larger cities.

Town Description:

This modest, prosperous town in the mountains is best known as the birthplace of a famous hero. The majority of its inhabitants are involved in pottery, and it is considered noteworthy for its series of elaborate fountains. It is also a resting spot for trading caravans through the mountains.

General People Description:

These people wear subdued clothing in faded warm colors. The usual materials are linen or leather, with baggy pants and shapeless tunics. Some wear tight-fitting jackets or elaborate jewelry of stone.
  • Majority Race: Dwarves, Humans, Goliaths
  • Minority: Eladrin, Halflings, Dragonborn, Deva

Notable People:

Notable Locations:


Atlopia is a town that has been in the ((empire)) for several hundred years. Due to the location it has never grown too be very large. Its claim to fame is from the hero Halgor, who was born in the town. He was a famous armor smith and warrior. It is said he fought against the were-wolf lord along side of the Final King.

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