Tag: Character


  • Emmanuel Tudor

    A Magister of SOLAR who is one of the twelve magisters of the guild's council, although High Magister Temujin is the presiding authority. He saw much potential in [[:malik-risener | Malik]] and was his strongest supporter. …

  • Father Rompuy

    The resident Priest of Pelor at [[Sequestria Boy's School for Aspiring Clergyman]]. He is an overweight and jovial halfling very firmly rooted in his faith.

  • Alezar Kriztenhoft

    Alezar is from the plantation town of "Sunspear":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/surniacampaign/wikis/sunspear in Khenza. His parents are the owners of the Sunspear Plantation, and therefore pretty much run the town's economy and act as the town …

  • Araliss Lethartes

    p. Originally, Araliss was a powerful mage born of noble blood. That all changed when he and a small group of retainers set out for a quest to cure his father of a curse that left him in more or less of a coma. He and his party were struck by the cursed …