Surnia Campaign

Jumping Ship

A tragic turn things have taken today. As we launched our ship for ground we happened upon a ship. It seemed a group of adventures had liberated a ship from some vile pirates. They were seeking help for the small town Altopia. Sadly the man with us could offer no aid and all save Aodhgagan Lorcáin. The Genasi, I’ve no idea if I should refer to them as he or she , wished to aid us and parted with it’s fellows. The parting was brief for we were in the midst of a fierce sky battle. Not even a few moments of travel and we were besieged by some pirates. The fight was brief but intense as cannon fire set our ship aflame. As luck would have it another ship was near by and we jump from floating debris and took it over. This ship jumping happened once more until we landed a captured ship upon the floating mountain. We made camp and discussed our plan of action. We decided the best plan would be to investigate the tainted land where the alter of Tiamat stood. Hoping that any actions we took would not be too late for any captives our prayers were answered by the great Bahamut when we discovered that only poor forest creatures were the pitiful sacrifices made here. It was here were we made the discovery that his very mountain might be the lair of the Evil Captain Bellatryx! As Garel-amar explored the lake near the altar we were happened upon by a salvage Dragonborn patrol. The fight was rough, for they were skilled warriors, put we proved to be the better. When we had caught our breaths Garel told us of a path through the lake. We swam quickly through it only to stumble on some Kobold mechanics in a room filled with traps. A wicked scythe swung through the room as we battled the cleaver beast. We also managed to capture a kobold and dislodge myself from the pit trap in the room as well. Upon discovering no useful information from the beast I purged its Tiamat worshiping filth from the world.

Seige from the Skies
in which the party discovers airships

The adventurers could see Pokke up in the distance, unfortunately, it was not to be the safe harbour they expected. An enormous flying pyramid was suspended over part of the city, and airships swarmed around it like a wasps nest. Even less comforting was the airship descending quickly on their position. Moments later the airship closed and dropped rope ladders over the side, down from which poured goblins and kobolds set on piracy. While Alezar and Aodhgagan fiercely beat back the swashbucklers the more roguish elements (Lynna and Pringle) climbed to the deck of the airship and dispatched the scum using the ship’s on board cannons.

Loathe though they were to leave behind the defenseless caravan, the prospects of flying around in a pirate airship proved too tempting. Like true heroes, they blazed their way to the city of Pokke to rescue them from siege and ask for assistance on behalf of the Altopians.

In the skies of Pokke they were spotted and – despite efforts to dissuade such actions – attacked by the villainous pirates. Just as it seemed all was lost, a Pokke military vessel launched from the city’s observatory and made way to join the growing battle in the skies.

Dearest Cousin

Dearest Cousin.

I hope this letter finds you well, I hope the job with Master Caufield is still good. He is a fine smith and it will do you well learning under him. Alas, I myself cannot offer grand news, the exploration into the fascinating dimensional disturbance at the local religious temple here has borne no fruit. The local priest managed to seal it away and refused, quite rudely I might add, to pass on to me knowledge of his rituals of temporal manipulation. It would be quite promising research, and could advance university science years ahead. We could be summoning demons on our foes before the next big war with those greasy Sarilian bastards (may a bear eat them in their sleep!).

Currently I am on a most disagreeable caravan trip in pursuit of a bizarre temperature related phenomenon. It appears some nefarious fellow is freezing whole towns in durable magical ice, a most impressive feat! I plan to discover how he does it, by force if necessary. I am currently traveling towards one of the occurances with a most eclectic crew, under the guidance of a foul-mooded caravan master. His one redeeming quality is a fine sense of art. Otherwise the trip has been grueling. In addition to being attacked by a motley assortment of woodland based hostiles, my companions have spent the entire trip plotting and planning on discovering this man’s history and looting his tent. Very odd. I suspect his wife left him and received half the estate, after starting her life as a common scullery maid, hence his foul disposition concerning her.

Please take care of the estate, and I remind you, as always, should someone approach you demanding payments for a debt I headed east to the great desert where the gigantic fire breathing scorpions live.


Loreanz Pringle

Journal Entry #1

Dear Journal, Today I lost a good friend. Araliss Lathartes died trying to help us rid the temple of Morden of it’s evil taint. As the party entered the sub basement we came across a room with a bunch of people who appeared to have died while meditating. But one of them was alive though he was out cold so Alezar woke him carefully. He introduced himself as Dr. Pringle and he struck me as a very odd fellow. He kept babbling about goats and the lack of good customer service of something. I may being a bit judgemental because had been recently knock out. I drought it though. He decided to accompany us on our mission instead of holing up with the rest of the survivors and it was in the second room we entered that Araliss died. The next room was tidier but also had bodies and as he went up to one to check it out he must of triggered a trap. Fell taints phased through the walls and amazingly a giant hand appeared and just grabbed him up. May his soul rest in peace. The one thing I remember the most vividly during this fight (other than we all kick ass) was a fell taint started getting fresh with Aodhgaon and started molestering him with his tentacly appendages until he flamed up and burnt the monster. snicker When we finally killed the rest an illusion around the room must have been broken because the room went from neat to disorderly. It was weird! When we tried the other door in the room I was unable to unlock it because it was majicked somehow. I lost my favorite lock pick in it. Dr. Pringle ended up opening it and taking down the force field illusiony thing surrounding it. In this room was what looked like a priest frozen in a block of ice with a bunch of those tragic possessed priest milling about. What ensued was a much harder battle but again we won the day. In the room beyond was our final encounter. The room itself was a priests bedroom (with bed, table and chairs, and a shrine to Morden)and inside we were greeted with the sight of a priest of Morden holding back a hoard of monsters with a bright peaceful looking wall of force. Also inside the room was a very bad looking baddy who appeared to be trying to enchant the priest and encase him in ice. Now I know what happened to the poor fellow in the last room. Aodhgagon and I try to distract the baddy and make him lose concentration on his spell casting. My dear Alezar immediately assists the weakening priest. The rest of us were unable to successfully distract the bad guy but the priest must of dredged up some strenght because with a mighty effort from him the wall of light flared up and ends up killing most of the minions and Mr. Baddy. We convince him to drop his barrier so we could finish the rest off. We make short work of them and the doctor revives the tired priest we collect the fountain and leave the temple to recover from it’s tragedy. Back in town we get a decent pile of gold for our completed tasks and settle down to a well deserved rest. The Doctor decided to join our group and while I have misgivings on the wacky explosion happy guy he will make life more interesting. P.S. Alezar looked heavenly today, even when tired and covered in some gore.

The Dungeon of Terror

The Dungeon Of Terror

Okay, the Dungeon of the Church

All right, it was more of a basement really.


A staircase headed down…

Upon descending the aforementioned stairs we encountered four members of the Moradin Faithful who had not been consumed by the insanity which had been afflicted upon those upstairs who we had been forced to deal with in such a final matter. They had been crafting a set of armor for their High Priest when the madness fell and wisely barricaded themselves in. We brought the other survivors from upstairs to them, and suggested several ways they could shore up their defenses. In return, and on our promise to make the -Dungeon-Basement safe again they gave us some excellent armor and several potions to aide us on the quest.

“We swear upon Moridan that we will clean up this filth that befouls this Holy Temple” I would have said if I was follower of Moridan, but I’m not so I said basically the same thing but without the flowery words. I’m afraid I only just thought of it now or I would have might have said it anyway. You’ve got to admit it’s got a nice ring to it. I may be quick witted in the heat of battle, but words aren’t always my forte.

Anyway, once we had them safely sealed back up in the smithy, we moved on to the kitchen, to see if there was anything that could be salvaged to tide them over whilst we undertook the task of cleaning out the evil that was surely lurking … in the kitchen it turned out! Bah, several miscreants where consuming and destroying everything without regard for taste or manners. Malik told them very sternly to stop, but they leapt upon him immediatly and put him into mortal straights before we could even marshal ourselves and properly react. We dispatched them with haste, and seeing that nothing was salvageable from the mess they had made of the larder we returned to the Monks of Moridan. They agreed to perform a ritual to bring our comrade back to life, and in exchange we stood watch for the night it took to perform it.

Upon the morn of the next day Malik was back with us, albeit a bit the worse for wear. We proceeded to the training room where we disturbed some terrible and despicable ritual. There where several monsters, foul tentacled beasts, in addition to mad cultists.

------------------------ OOC Interlude ----------------------------------------
DM (after one of the tentacle monsters hits Duncan): That Tentacle Monster is getting awfully fresh with him.
Duncan: *Moan*
Yanni: Will you stand for that?
Duncan: *Moan*
Wendy: No, I won't!
---------------------- END OOC Interlude ---------------------------------------

This time we where prepared, and though things where a bit “touch and go” at times (ha ha), we managed to finish the fight with aplomb, and no one dead this time. Upon searching the rest of the basement we found a few more survivors, as well as a few who had not. We took a quick stock of our situation before we preceded down the next staircase, to the …

Sub-Basement of Terror

dun dun dun.

Chapter 2
In which the party investigates a mystery of somewhat delicate nature

The party woke up in Altopia and got up to get breakfast which turned out to be eggs and pancakes. They didn’t normally serve pancakes in this inn, but since it was so close to the town’s annual fountain festival, they wanted breakfast to be special. No sooner had they seated themselves to dig it than an unhappy looking dwarf kicked in the door and eyeballed the room menacingly.

“I hear there are some adventurer’s staying in this inn, you five from the look of it” Guard Captain Rokgi Finn pointed at the table where Araliss and Aodhgagan were seated with the others. “I’m gonna need you to come with me, we need your help and we’ll pay handsomely for it” then, looking around the room again “I’ll also need eight volunteers for conscripted guard duty.” In a few minutes the party was assembled in another unhappy dwarf’s office. This one had a family resemblance to the first, but his hand was freshly bandaged.

“My name is Hadrok Finn, we have a problem of a somewhat sensitive nature here so we’d like to hire you folks to take care of it instead of having our own folk exposed to such things. You see, they’re just not trained for this kind of… disturbance. So if you’re willing, can I get your word you’ll speak of this to no man?”

“You have my word by Pelor!” Alezar said immediately and overzealously. Shortly the others swore similar oaths and Hadrok opened the door behind him to reveal yet a third dwarf, bound and gagged in a chair, his eyes empty and white. The party was immediately overcome with a sense that this creature, and he should be called that, was missing whatever had once made him a person. His being robed in the manner of an acolyte of Moradin seemed a mockery of the faith at best.

It seemed that the acolyte had been found wandering and had attacked, wounding Hadrok. With the festival so near, they did not want to alert the town to the taint at the temple. But everything sane and good in this acolyte had gone, and they wanted a group prepared for such atrocities to go investigate, so the party agreed and headed out only to be confronted by a third Finn brother.

“My good sirs, I have heard what my brothers have tasked you with and I have a simple request. The fountain for our festival was being crafted by the monks at the temple, if you are able to retrieve the fountain I will reward you myself. We need the festival to go forward for morale’s sake in these dark times. If you are unable, I will understand, I am sure this job will not be an easy one. I wish you luck.”

Then the party immediately down the road and at the first left began their trek through the woods to the temple. Shortly, the party saw a group of monks gathered in a circle in a clearing. Aodhgagan already had a plan of attack ready.

“Lynna, Araliss and Malik, sneak around in the woods to get an advantageous position, Alezar and I will try to talk sense into them. At the first sign of trouble, attack.” A few moments later he and Alezar walked forward slowly towards the monks, who upon closer inspection were huddled around the corpse of what must have once been a small child.

“Hail and well met good monks” Alezar shouted waving at them.

“WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY”, the priest turned around and screamed. At which point Aodghagan and Alezar charged into what was to become the fray.

Meanwhile Lynna jumped out from the woods on the right of the clearing only to come face to face with a dog foaming at the mouth. Then Araliss and Malik jumped out from the woods on the left side of the clearing and discovered a second rabid dog in hiding.

Muttering arcane words under his breath Malik summoned an astral wasp to harry the dog. The dog ran yelping from it straight into ‘the fray’ where it stopped for a moment to howl at Alezar, knocking Alezar to the ground unconscious. Aodhgagan, furious at his comrade’s untimely nap drove his greatsword up to the hilt into the still screaming priest as he yelled some inspiring words at Alezar, who opened his eyes and took stock of the situation.

On the edges of the battle, Lynna was being shot at by three of the monks who were armed with bows. Araliss and Malik were cursing and summoning causing much hysteria amongst the remaining deranged monks. By the time Alezar stood up and slew the crazed dog who had felled him, the battle was all but over. Aodhgagan blew up the second dog when it tried to bite him while Lynna and Malik finished off the remaining monks with crossbow bolts and fiery explosions.

Only a sole acolyte remained, lying unconscious in the middle of the clearing. Lynna bound his hands and feet, but there was still some disagreement over what to do with him. Upon touching the body to move it, Aodhgagan felt a prescence still raging inside the acolyte, and while Alezar thought there was still a chance he could be saved, he was arguing the losing side and during the debate Malik strode over to the posessed monk’s body and shot a single magic missile leaving only a splatter of blood where a head had once been and a moot point where a disagreement had once been.

The interior of the temple was in total disarray. Pews were overturned, the altar was out of alignment, and yelling could be heard through a locked door on the right-hand side of the room. While Aodhgagan and Alezar attempted to open the door to get to the yelling Lynna opened the lock on the far side of the room, looked inside and timidly said “Hello…”

A cry went up from behind the newly opened door and the party sprung into action. Malik hurled blasts of fire through the door and Araliss cut at the ravenous foes with his longsword, teleporting into the room after the first enemy fell.

One of the frothing brutes teleported to directly in front of Malik and started to attack him, but Alezar and Aodhgagan charged to his rescue. As soon as Alezar and Aodhgagan showed up, Lynna left to open more doors and they took stock of their tactical situation. It was bad. Araliss was cut off from the rest of the party trading swordblows with the psychopathic ex-monks while Alezar and Aodhgagan fought desperately to hold the door against them.

On the other side of the room, Lynna unlocked the door the others had tried to open earlier and opened it only to find a badly savaged dwarf who yelled “Stay back monster!”

“I’m not a monster” contested Lynna.

“Don’t come any closer”, Lynna leaned out of the doorway to shoot at a madman and glanced back at the dwarf reassuringly.

At the doorway, a mad priest heaved Alezar bodily into the doorframe only to be dispatched by Malik’s magic missile. In the room beyond Araliss dispatched the last two enemies with his longsword.

Lynna, still opening doors discovered something notably less wholesome than an injured dwarf behind door number two. An Elf and a Human (a married couple Malik later informed them) were gutted and mutilated. One was split stem to stern laid out on what had been a reading table, and the other was pinned to an interior door by a faintly glowing sword. After trying the third door and finding it blocked, Lynna steeled her resolve and opened the interior door with the corpse pinned to it. Behind it were two fey children sobbing in the corner. After a well intentioned but wholly failed series of attempts to console the mentally scarred children, the injured dwarf, recently splinted, hobbled into the room to comfort them in their grief.

Over in the battleground Araliss studied the statues of Moradin and looked through an open door into the next room where aside from a pile of crates there was only one thing of importance.

A staircase headed down…

Inn Danger
Test encounter for the group

It was a normal afternoon in the Bern mountains. The party was on their way towards the small town of Altopia. There had been rumors of goblin raiders in the area, but after several days of uneventful travel the party was relaxed and enjoying the pleasant trip. That is, until danger reared its ugly head!

As the party approached the rope bridge crossing a small but swift stream they noticed Goblin Warriors hiding in the tall grass on the other side along with a Goblin of Maglubiyet. They also noticed, save for Aodhgagen who was busy preparing a tactical advance, an odd formation in the trees. As they readied for combat an arrow flew out of the trees across the river and struck Malik Risener who noticed that a Goblin Sharpshooter was hiding in the odd formation, which turned out to be a crude tree stand!

Even after a surprise like this, the roguish Lynna Amberfife kept her wits. She drew and readied her hand crossbow preparing to strike. With a clever flourish she caught one of the Goblin Warriors off guard and plunged the bolt deep into his chest. He let out a cry of pain as she quickly took cover in the woods just off the path.

Than Brave Alezar Kriztenhoff took the lead, charging in towards the Goblins. As he moved in he did not draw his hammer to strike them rather choosing to attempt to convince them to give up their lives as raiders and live as good honest goblins! The wounded goblin took heart in this and lowered his weapons as the others jeered and cursed at the human. Upon hearing these words Alezar called upon Pelor to aid him in fighting the other Goblin Warrior so that his friends would not have too.

Now with his plan formed Aodhgagan set forth in acting upon it. Seeing that one Goblin Warrior was planning on changing its ways he choose to assist Alezar Kriztenhoff with the other one, with a charge! He swung in with his greatsword, but the goblin was to nimble and dodged out of the way.

The Goblin Warrior that had been disheartened in his ways ran to the Goblin of Malubiyet and attempted to convince it to also change its way, most unsuccessfully. The other Goblin Warrior attempted to strike Alezar, however Alezar’s armor proved to be too much and its spear glanced off.

Malik Risener seeing the battle unfolding saw too it that his magics would aid his allies and strike down his opponents! Casting a Magic Missile at the Goblin Sharpshooter he barely missed as it ducked into a better hiding spot on tree stand. Moving so that he could get a better line of sight through the trees Malik Risener attempted to ford the river, unfortunately finding the current too swift for his advance and he struggled to keep his footing, unable to move ahead.

Now a lurking threat struck out at the party as some Goblin Cutters came out from their hiding spots in the trees. Lynna found herself surrounded by the snarling beasts as they attempted to strike at her. She deftly dodged one attack only to find herself landing in front of the other blow. With a quick roll of her body though she was able to throw most of the damage away from her. Than Araliss Lethartes found himself also being attacked by the beast as he was preparing his spells! He fared much better as the Goblin Cutters swung short in their hast to kill him.

It was than that an arrow was shot by the Goblin Sharpshooter for Malik Risener. However due to his dodging he too missed his target.

Araliss Lethartes was now ready for combat as he shifted away from the Goblin Cutters that were next too him. Muttering a curse under his breath he lashed out with an Eye Bite. The Cutter that he had cursed fell to the ground foaming at the mouth as it shouted and shrieked in goblin during its dieing moments. Gaining the boon of his pact with the fey spirits he teleported into the trees to assist Lynna with her goblin problem.

Finally in frustration the Goblin of Maglubiyet threatened the disheartened Goblin Warrior back into the fight. Than the Goblin of Malgubiyet ran under the tree stand to escape from the approaching adventures.

((That is a brief recap of the first turn of the combat encounter. If anyone in the party wants to add what they remember doing on turns afterwords please do. I didn’t take very good notes at the time because I wasn’t expecting to do this. However, I think it would be fun and add to the overall enjoyment of the roll playing elements of this campaign! Obviously I beefed up what happened a lot so please do the same.))

Once the fight was finished the wounded, but not broken, party cleared up the bodies and disposed of them. Sadly there was no gold or items on the goblins; save for the goblin’s combat gear. Most strange for a group of goblin raiders.

While in the local tavern they recounted their tale and get overheard by the aging owner. He gave them a free night stay, telling them of the grandson he lost to the raiders and thanking them for riding the town of the pest for now.


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