Lynna Amberfife

Rogue from Khenza


Criminal: +2 stealth


Lynna Amberfife was born in the aire port city of Valspar in Loft. Life became uncomfortable for her parents after her father acquired a substantial debt, and so at the tender age of 1 her family moved to the plantation town of Sunspear, Khenza. Lynna grew into a fun loving and imaginative child and many days were filled with playing gaurds and gnolls or lord of the crossing with her friend Alezar.

When Alezar left for school, Lynna didn’t think life could get any worse for her. Until a month later, when a letter from her maternal grandparents arrived. In no time at all she was in a new city (Valspar) with lots and lots of family. Lynna barely had time to herself when she had to learn so much! There were the boring subjects of math, history, writing, and languages. But there were also interesting things like lock picking, cat walking, and of course, Listening. It was drilled into her head that the Trevardii family’s reputation was built on information. Mostly the buying and selling of it.

Several years later, the night before she left for her oldest friend Alezar’s graduation, she was called to her grandfathers side. He told her that a client was willing to pay a great deal of coins for any information gathered on the Chalice that her friend was questing for. Shaking off a shivery feeling of dread, she agreed to send any info found on to the nearest of her extensive family. After all, you couldn’t say no to the head of the Trevardii without loosing a few fingers. Secretly she vowed to muddle things as best she could. She would protect her very dear friend.

In next to no time, She arrived at the Sequestria Boy’s School for Aspiring Clergyman with Ariliss Lethartes, an employee of her family, and dispite that, a good friend of hers. After the congratulations and introductions were met out, Lynna felt overcome with a strange feeling of almost ander toward her family as she watched her two great friends conversed together.

Lynna Amberfife

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