Aodhgagan Lorcáin

Genasi Warlord


Chaos Born Background: +2 Endurance


Chaos Born

Aodhgagan spent most of her early years in the town of Epheura, at the base of the elemental volcano Drassloft in the elemental chaos. As the oldest she was usually tasked with keeping her brother and sisters out of trouble. She was happy to leave her eldest sibling Asharra this thankless task when her parents managed to arranged for her to go to a special human school in Bern to learn the arts of diplomacy and tactic.

While she did not want to leave at the young age of 16, she put on a brave face for her family as the mages opened the portal that would take them to the Prime Material plane. Little did she know that, aside from Asharra, this might be the last time she would see any of them.

Object of study or Objective of study

Aodhgagan has spent the last 10 years in [the school], learning more and less then her parents had bargained for. For starters the curriculum focused much more on the tactics and strategies of war then the diplomatic relations that the name, and literature they had recieved, implied. Regardless she took to the actual lessons like a firefish to lava. Go, Chess, Esaran and similar games of strategy came to her naturally. Positioning and stance on the battlefield also seemed intuitive. Even the practical aspects of hitting people with things was not difficult for her, yet all was not wine and roses. Many of the other students at the school where less then charitable towards the only Genasi enrolled. Aodhgagan’s noble birth, and superiority complex didn’t exactly endear her with them either. The end result being that she was oft then butt of cruel pranks, and after sparring practice she was oft more bruised and battered then she might have been had she found a way to fit in better.

Her treatment as a pariah was not limited solely to the students, many of the teachers, especially those trained in the arcane arts, had not had the chance to examine a Genasi up close, leaving Aodhgagan feeling more like a specimen then a student.

Recent History

It was only a few months ago that my sister Asharra brought me the terrible news. The evil sorcerer Ehrzan had encased a large part of the settlement of Epheura in a solid sphere of magical ice. As she relates the tale the majority of the scholars, warriors and nobles had gathered in the town hall to discuss how to deal with the depredations of Ehrzan when his vile machination came to fruition.

Since then I have met up with two people who both know of an artifact that might be able to free my people from their unjust imprisonment. Malik Risener is a wizard who has been studying the calamity the befell my hometown (I don’t entirely trust his motivations for doing so) and Alezar a Paladin of Pelor. He is fresh from seminary school and is still very much the idealist. I am sure it is only a matter of time until he realizes that in the real world things are never as nice and neat as depicted in the books. He has also been tasked with finding the chalice as his final task.

There is another human, Lynna) who seems a bit shifty, but Alezar has vouched for her. The only other non-human in our group is an Eladarin named Araliss who seems a little confused as to his identity. He keeps looking at me funny. I know that look from my years in training in Bern. Several of the war wizards would get it right before asking me embarrassing questions or trying to “study” me. Just because my kind rarely travel to this harsh unchanging plane doesn’t give them the right to treat me like a specimen. If he tries anything I may have to set him on fire.

Aodhgagan Lorcáin

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