Araliss Lethartes


Noble Birth background chosen: +2 to Intimidate


Originally, Araliss was a powerful mage born of noble blood. That all changed when he and a small group of retainers set out for a quest to cure his father of a curse that left him in more or less of a coma. He and his party were struck by the cursed sword ‘Truthslayer’, which split his personality into two and caused amnesia of his past life. Struggling between the personalities of a mischievous rogue and a warlock who only wanted to find the truth, Araliss and his companions set out in search of the Truthslayer and a former party member who escaped them with it. Over the course of four months, Araliss found that the sword had a twin of sorts, that caused his father’s condition. The party found both blades, and in the midst of chaos, fixed their own personality issues and cured Araliss’s father. However, Araliss regained knowledge of his past life, and did not like the pompous, devilish person he used to be. He pleaded with the cursed blade, and with the aid of one of his retainers, he was able to erase the presence of his previous self and combine the two new personalities into one. In the act, however, he lost what powers he gained through his adventure.

Years later, a more knowledgeable Araliss finds himself on the continent of Surnia. He has left most of his previous life behind in the feywild, and searches for nothing else but knowledge of the world around him and to increase his Arcane abilities. He found himself a job working for The Trevardii Family, giving them information of The Sylvan Kingdom of Dradras, and The Protectorate of Arris’Noir (His homeland and the land where his adventure as Araliss the Warlock began). After gaining some respect and trust from the family, and becoming friends with Lynna Amberfife, Araliss was sent to aid Lynna in gathering information about the Chalice of Aquitaine. His friendship with the girl is that of a higher priority than that of the Family, as his place in the Family is simply a paying job to him and nothing more. If Araliss learned one thing from his adventure questing for the Truthslayer, it was that companionship is more essential than material possessions.

Araliss Lethartes

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