Alezar Kriztenhoft

Paladin from Khenza


Found faith among others: +2 Diplomacy


Alezar is from the plantation town of Sunspear in Khenza. His parents are the owners of the Sunspear Plantation, and therefore pretty much run the town’s economy and act as the town leadership when necessary. Alezar is their second son, so when (at the age of six) it came to light that he was drastically more charismatic than his older brother Kerezar (a brooding and serious-minded lad), his parents packed him off to Sequestria Boy’s School for Aspiring Clergyman in Bern.

Thirteen years later, upon graduation, the only people who showed up to congratulate him were his childhood friend Lynna Amberfife and an eladrin he’d never met before by the name of Araliss. She had heard news of his mission. He had been tasked by the school’s Priest of Pelor to find a lost relic known as the Chalice of Aquitaine, believed once to have belonged to Pelor himself. It is rumoured that any liquid poured into the Chalice becomes magical liquid sunlight that can melt even the coldest of hearts. Once he has drunk from it, his quest will be complete and his soul freed from the impurities that afflict men of flesh and blood. Through letters he and Lynna exchanged over the years, he knew that her path was not always as clear and easy as his, for her world was a grey area unlightened by Pelor’s glory; but he still felt he could trust her, and if trusting her meant trusting Araliss then so be it.

On his quest, Alezar is bound by the high ideals he learned from his teachers, that every living being (but not dead ones) deserves a second chance for redemption.

Alezar Kriztenhoft

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