A Seeker of Bahamut


Born into a family who were all devote followers of Bahamut Adaka was nurtured into a path of a near religious zealot. His Father, A Cleric of Bahamut, and his Mother, an Invoker of Bahamut, installed upon him and his younger sister, Content Not Found: Evlasa, a firm faith and understanding of the teachings of Bahamut.

Upon his 12th birthday he was sent to the [[:Dragon Temple of Divine Justice]], where he was taught to be a Seeker of Bahamut. It was here where he meet [[:Bellena Melavor]] a [[:Judicature of Bahamut]]. They became well know throughout the [[:Dragon Temple of Divine Justice]] as a near unbeatable pair. It made sense that Content Not Found: Evlasa also studying to be a [[:Juicature of Bahamut]] was taught by [[:Bellena Melavor]] when she enrolled.

When Adaka was pronounced a [[:Seeker Initiate]] on his 18th birthday he set off on his mission to bring justice to lands in need of it. [[:Bellena Melavor]] remained at the [[:Dragon Temple of Divine Justice]] to continue on a path of teaching new students as she showed a forte for this.

Currently Adaka’s travels have taken him to the land of Bern where he has heard rumors of an evil Wizard terrorizing entire towns by encasing them in ice. It is his divine duty to stop this wizard and to free the victims of his crimes.


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