Surnia Campaign

The Dungeon of Terror

The Dungeon Of Terror

Okay, the Dungeon of the Church

All right, it was more of a basement really.


A staircase headed down…

Upon descending the aforementioned stairs we encountered four members of the Moradin Faithful who had not been consumed by the insanity which had been afflicted upon those upstairs who we had been forced to deal with in such a final matter. They had been crafting a set of armor for their High Priest when the madness fell and wisely barricaded themselves in. We brought the other survivors from upstairs to them, and suggested several ways they could shore up their defenses. In return, and on our promise to make the -Dungeon-Basement safe again they gave us some excellent armor and several potions to aide us on the quest.

“We swear upon Moridan that we will clean up this filth that befouls this Holy Temple” I would have said if I was follower of Moridan, but I’m not so I said basically the same thing but without the flowery words. I’m afraid I only just thought of it now or I would have might have said it anyway. You’ve got to admit it’s got a nice ring to it. I may be quick witted in the heat of battle, but words aren’t always my forte.

Anyway, once we had them safely sealed back up in the smithy, we moved on to the kitchen, to see if there was anything that could be salvaged to tide them over whilst we undertook the task of cleaning out the evil that was surely lurking … in the kitchen it turned out! Bah, several miscreants where consuming and destroying everything without regard for taste or manners. Malik told them very sternly to stop, but they leapt upon him immediatly and put him into mortal straights before we could even marshal ourselves and properly react. We dispatched them with haste, and seeing that nothing was salvageable from the mess they had made of the larder we returned to the Monks of Moridan. They agreed to perform a ritual to bring our comrade back to life, and in exchange we stood watch for the night it took to perform it.

Upon the morn of the next day Malik was back with us, albeit a bit the worse for wear. We proceeded to the training room where we disturbed some terrible and despicable ritual. There where several monsters, foul tentacled beasts, in addition to mad cultists.

------------------------ OOC Interlude ----------------------------------------
DM (after one of the tentacle monsters hits Duncan): That Tentacle Monster is getting awfully fresh with him.
Duncan: *Moan*
Yanni: Will you stand for that?
Duncan: *Moan*
Wendy: No, I won't!
---------------------- END OOC Interlude ---------------------------------------

This time we where prepared, and though things where a bit “touch and go” at times (ha ha), we managed to finish the fight with aplomb, and no one dead this time. Upon searching the rest of the basement we found a few more survivors, as well as a few who had not. We took a quick stock of our situation before we preceded down the next staircase, to the …

Sub-Basement of Terror

dun dun dun.



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