Surnia Campaign

Seige from the Skies

in which the party discovers airships

The adventurers could see Pokke up in the distance, unfortunately, it was not to be the safe harbour they expected. An enormous flying pyramid was suspended over part of the city, and airships swarmed around it like a wasps nest. Even less comforting was the airship descending quickly on their position. Moments later the airship closed and dropped rope ladders over the side, down from which poured goblins and kobolds set on piracy. While Alezar and Aodhgagan fiercely beat back the swashbucklers the more roguish elements (Lynna and Pringle) climbed to the deck of the airship and dispatched the scum using the ship’s on board cannons.

Loathe though they were to leave behind the defenseless caravan, the prospects of flying around in a pirate airship proved too tempting. Like true heroes, they blazed their way to the city of Pokke to rescue them from siege and ask for assistance on behalf of the Altopians.

In the skies of Pokke they were spotted and – despite efforts to dissuade such actions – attacked by the villainous pirates. Just as it seemed all was lost, a Pokke military vessel launched from the city’s observatory and made way to join the growing battle in the skies.



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