Surnia Campaign

Jumping Ship

A tragic turn things have taken today. As we launched our ship for ground we happened upon a ship. It seemed a group of adventures had liberated a ship from some vile pirates. They were seeking help for the small town Altopia. Sadly the man with us could offer no aid and all save Aodhgagan Lorcáin. The Genasi, I’ve no idea if I should refer to them as he or she , wished to aid us and parted with it’s fellows. The parting was brief for we were in the midst of a fierce sky battle. Not even a few moments of travel and we were besieged by some pirates. The fight was brief but intense as cannon fire set our ship aflame. As luck would have it another ship was near by and we jump from floating debris and took it over. This ship jumping happened once more until we landed a captured ship upon the floating mountain. We made camp and discussed our plan of action. We decided the best plan would be to investigate the tainted land where the alter of Tiamat stood. Hoping that any actions we took would not be too late for any captives our prayers were answered by the great Bahamut when we discovered that only poor forest creatures were the pitiful sacrifices made here. It was here were we made the discovery that his very mountain might be the lair of the Evil Captain Bellatryx! As Garel-amar explored the lake near the altar we were happened upon by a salvage Dragonborn patrol. The fight was rough, for they were skilled warriors, put we proved to be the better. When we had caught our breaths Garel told us of a path through the lake. We swam quickly through it only to stumble on some Kobold mechanics in a room filled with traps. A wicked scythe swung through the room as we battled the cleaver beast. We also managed to capture a kobold and dislodge myself from the pit trap in the room as well. Upon discovering no useful information from the beast I purged its Tiamat worshiping filth from the world.



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