Surnia Campaign

Journal Entry #1

Dear Journal, Today I lost a good friend. Araliss Lathartes died trying to help us rid the temple of Morden of it’s evil taint. As the party entered the sub basement we came across a room with a bunch of people who appeared to have died while meditating. But one of them was alive though he was out cold so Alezar woke him carefully. He introduced himself as Dr. Pringle and he struck me as a very odd fellow. He kept babbling about goats and the lack of good customer service of something. I may being a bit judgemental because had been recently knock out. I drought it though. He decided to accompany us on our mission instead of holing up with the rest of the survivors and it was in the second room we entered that Araliss died. The next room was tidier but also had bodies and as he went up to one to check it out he must of triggered a trap. Fell taints phased through the walls and amazingly a giant hand appeared and just grabbed him up. May his soul rest in peace. The one thing I remember the most vividly during this fight (other than we all kick ass) was a fell taint started getting fresh with Aodhgaon and started molestering him with his tentacly appendages until he flamed up and burnt the monster. snicker When we finally killed the rest an illusion around the room must have been broken because the room went from neat to disorderly. It was weird! When we tried the other door in the room I was unable to unlock it because it was majicked somehow. I lost my favorite lock pick in it. Dr. Pringle ended up opening it and taking down the force field illusiony thing surrounding it. In this room was what looked like a priest frozen in a block of ice with a bunch of those tragic possessed priest milling about. What ensued was a much harder battle but again we won the day. In the room beyond was our final encounter. The room itself was a priests bedroom (with bed, table and chairs, and a shrine to Morden)and inside we were greeted with the sight of a priest of Morden holding back a hoard of monsters with a bright peaceful looking wall of force. Also inside the room was a very bad looking baddy who appeared to be trying to enchant the priest and encase him in ice. Now I know what happened to the poor fellow in the last room. Aodhgagon and I try to distract the baddy and make him lose concentration on his spell casting. My dear Alezar immediately assists the weakening priest. The rest of us were unable to successfully distract the bad guy but the priest must of dredged up some strenght because with a mighty effort from him the wall of light flared up and ends up killing most of the minions and Mr. Baddy. We convince him to drop his barrier so we could finish the rest off. We make short work of them and the doctor revives the tired priest we collect the fountain and leave the temple to recover from it’s tragedy. Back in town we get a decent pile of gold for our completed tasks and settle down to a well deserved rest. The Doctor decided to join our group and while I have misgivings on the wacky explosion happy guy he will make life more interesting. P.S. Alezar looked heavenly today, even when tired and covered in some gore.



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