Surnia Campaign

Inn Danger

Test encounter for the group

It was a normal afternoon in the Bern mountains. The party was on their way towards the small town of Altopia. There had been rumors of goblin raiders in the area, but after several days of uneventful travel the party was relaxed and enjoying the pleasant trip. That is, until danger reared its ugly head!

As the party approached the rope bridge crossing a small but swift stream they noticed Goblin Warriors hiding in the tall grass on the other side along with a Goblin of Maglubiyet. They also noticed, save for Aodhgagen who was busy preparing a tactical advance, an odd formation in the trees. As they readied for combat an arrow flew out of the trees across the river and struck Malik Risener who noticed that a Goblin Sharpshooter was hiding in the odd formation, which turned out to be a crude tree stand!

Even after a surprise like this, the roguish Lynna Amberfife kept her wits. She drew and readied her hand crossbow preparing to strike. With a clever flourish she caught one of the Goblin Warriors off guard and plunged the bolt deep into his chest. He let out a cry of pain as she quickly took cover in the woods just off the path.

Than Brave Alezar Kriztenhoff took the lead, charging in towards the Goblins. As he moved in he did not draw his hammer to strike them rather choosing to attempt to convince them to give up their lives as raiders and live as good honest goblins! The wounded goblin took heart in this and lowered his weapons as the others jeered and cursed at the human. Upon hearing these words Alezar called upon Pelor to aid him in fighting the other Goblin Warrior so that his friends would not have too.

Now with his plan formed Aodhgagan set forth in acting upon it. Seeing that one Goblin Warrior was planning on changing its ways he choose to assist Alezar Kriztenhoff with the other one, with a charge! He swung in with his greatsword, but the goblin was to nimble and dodged out of the way.

The Goblin Warrior that had been disheartened in his ways ran to the Goblin of Malubiyet and attempted to convince it to also change its way, most unsuccessfully. The other Goblin Warrior attempted to strike Alezar, however Alezar’s armor proved to be too much and its spear glanced off.

Malik Risener seeing the battle unfolding saw too it that his magics would aid his allies and strike down his opponents! Casting a Magic Missile at the Goblin Sharpshooter he barely missed as it ducked into a better hiding spot on tree stand. Moving so that he could get a better line of sight through the trees Malik Risener attempted to ford the river, unfortunately finding the current too swift for his advance and he struggled to keep his footing, unable to move ahead.

Now a lurking threat struck out at the party as some Goblin Cutters came out from their hiding spots in the trees. Lynna found herself surrounded by the snarling beasts as they attempted to strike at her. She deftly dodged one attack only to find herself landing in front of the other blow. With a quick roll of her body though she was able to throw most of the damage away from her. Than Araliss Lethartes found himself also being attacked by the beast as he was preparing his spells! He fared much better as the Goblin Cutters swung short in their hast to kill him.

It was than that an arrow was shot by the Goblin Sharpshooter for Malik Risener. However due to his dodging he too missed his target.

Araliss Lethartes was now ready for combat as he shifted away from the Goblin Cutters that were next too him. Muttering a curse under his breath he lashed out with an Eye Bite. The Cutter that he had cursed fell to the ground foaming at the mouth as it shouted and shrieked in goblin during its dieing moments. Gaining the boon of his pact with the fey spirits he teleported into the trees to assist Lynna with her goblin problem.

Finally in frustration the Goblin of Maglubiyet threatened the disheartened Goblin Warrior back into the fight. Than the Goblin of Malgubiyet ran under the tree stand to escape from the approaching adventures.

((That is a brief recap of the first turn of the combat encounter. If anyone in the party wants to add what they remember doing on turns afterwords please do. I didn’t take very good notes at the time because I wasn’t expecting to do this. However, I think it would be fun and add to the overall enjoyment of the roll playing elements of this campaign! Obviously I beefed up what happened a lot so please do the same.))

Once the fight was finished the wounded, but not broken, party cleared up the bodies and disposed of them. Sadly there was no gold or items on the goblins; save for the goblin’s combat gear. Most strange for a group of goblin raiders.

While in the local tavern they recounted their tale and get overheard by the aging owner. He gave them a free night stay, telling them of the grandson he lost to the raiders and thanking them for riding the town of the pest for now.



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